I AM Archangel Metatron, it is a pleasure to be able to share with you, in this Now.

I have not spoken through this one for quite some time, but with the things to soon occur, I felt it should be an occasion to be able to share with you, those of you who read and resonate to these words.

As you are mostly aware, there has been tremendous work occurring in the background, behind closed doors you might say. And as has been said through this one earlier, this closed off work, will soon, or I will say Now, be made known to the public. As was mentioned in the previous message from our dear Star Brothers and Sisters, that, as these things come into the public awareness, a wave of energy will sweep across the planet. For as these truths are released, those who know them to be truths, but are still unaware in this moment, will have triggers go off within them. These triggers are what activates this wave.

This will be almost instantaneously, as one person is triggered, so are thousands more and then it moves like dominoes, on toward the others. For you must know, it does not take all those asleep, to have to read or see these truths to be triggered. This is how the Collective Consciousness works. It is from those who observe and learn these truths first-hand, who then affect the Collective.

For now, there are several, I will say “groups” that belong to the Human Collective on Earth, to make this simple, and this is not to judge nor is it to belittle anyone, this is purely for a purpose of understanding. There are currently three main groups active within the Human Collective. There is one area, now I have continued, I prefer to remove the word “group” and to use the word area.

There are 3 main areas, active in the Human Collective on Earth. One area is operating with the most awakened and advanced souls, the next is an area of those who are somewhat aware of the nature of reality, yet aren’t too concerned with the specifics or happenings, and the other area is those who are completely asleep, totally unaware of anything beyond their personal reality, who are operating fully within the illusion. This is not to say these ones are not great Beings of Light, for they certainly are, this is to say that, this group have not yet tapped into or should I say tapped out of the false Matrix. They have not yet tapped into the creative power that flows within them, they work, eat, sleep and do what-ever they need to get by, without questioning why. And it is this area, that will be the trigger point. There are many millions of advanced Beings in this area, that when certain truths are presented to them, will cause these energies to be let loose, and I use the term “let loose” as to describe the coming wave, and the impact it is going to have on this beloved planet.

For all is not as it seems, and it is through these people, who are ticking time bombs of pure Creator energy, that are going to greatly affect the ascension process, and your movement forward as a Collective.


What will occur during this wave-


What will be happening during this triggering, or activating of those asleep, will be a shift in consciousness, that is brought about by a sudden realisation, which will be said triggers. These triggers will come in a variety of ways, and how best suits the individual who is to be activated. What is needed on Earth in this moment, is for those who are still sleeping, to be given a good nudge or to even throw a bucket of water on them, as these truths will come as a shock to many. It is through these ones, who experience these truths firsthand, that will help cause the ripple effect, out into the others, who are in this area of the Collective. It does not take many of those asleep, to be startled awake, for it to then ripple out into those that are part of this majority. But as you all know, it is not for everyone to awaken in this moment, but those who have chosen to, will be the ones acting as cause and effect. It will only take several thousand of those still well asleep, to help trigger the rest of the unaware.

What this ripple effect will do is, cause those who have not learned these truths firsthand, to suddenly realise that something is not right, that something seems to be “a tad off” about how their reality now appears and feels. It is through these thoughts and feelings, that will then send these ones in search of answers, as to why their reality feels strange and why it just doesn’t seem right. This is because that part of their Being, their Creative Essence, has been awakened due to this wave. This will now play out in the form of their Soul or Higher Self, seeking to make them aware of its existence and eternal presence.


So, to summarise what I have explained here, this wave is basically the trigger for those still asleep, to awaken the Creative Essence within and to begin the Higher Self’s integration into the physical body. It is the Higher Self that will then begin to guide these individuals in search of the truth and understanding, just as those of you reading this have done. It is through this search for truth and understanding, that these dear ones, will then find their way to you, the flames of light in a world that seems so dark and cruel, to one who is just wiping their eyes for the first time after a long nap.


It is as I, Archangel Metatron, share these words with you, then you, the reader and ground crew, absorb them into your Being, you are indeed helping activate or ready these people. For all is one and all of you on the planet are one, working as a Collective Consciousness, and an individual consciousness. So it is, as you read my words, you are sending the signal out to these triggers, you are sending these words and energies into the collective, which will then be directed, by those of us, to these people I now speak of.

So dear ones, do you understand how powerful you are? Both individually and as a Collective? Each thought and intention send’s waves out into the Collective on Earth and beyond this planet, out into the galaxy. That is why, at this moment of consciousness shifting into a higher state, it is so very important to be aware of your thoughts and intentions at all times. The more positive, loving, caring and compassionate you can be in each and every waking moment, the more powerful these awakened areas of the collective become, and it is then, that your awakened thoughts and intentions, of shifting this planet into a higher level of consciousness, start to flood through these areas that are somewhat lacking behind. This is not due to personal error, but mostly programming and tricks from those who seek to hold you back. But their grip is gone, they are nothing more than energy that is literally holding onto survival, through the fear and torment of others. But I do not say this to judge these fellow brothers and sisters, for they are lost and sometimes the only way to retrieve these lost ones, it to turn off their supply of low vibrational energy and politely send them home, back to our Source to start again.

So, my brothers and my sisters, the purpose of tonight’s message, is to say be ready and be aware! Be ready for this wave to be triggered, be aware of your thoughts and feelings at all times. For when this wave is triggered, it is of the highest benefit of all, that those of you who read these words, are in the highest vibration possible. You achieve this by being loving in every moment. Love your fellow brothers and sisters with all your heart, even if they have appeared to have done “wrong” by you or another, for the truth is, “rights” and “wrongs” are part of the illusion, they are part of the emotion or feeling of guilt.

Guilt is the most potent emotion that keeps you in the illusion.

There is only love dear ones, you came from love and shall return to love, but don’t wait around for this to occur, you can return Now, in this moment! Set the intention to do so, take the necessary steps and what I have said above, and it shall be so. You all have a habit of overcomplicating things, thinking that for something to work or make sense, that it must have an overly complicated meaning or cause. This is not true, for love is not complicated, compassion is not complicated, joy is certainly not complicated. These are the solutions to all your seeming problems and false constructs.

It cannot get any more simplified dear ones!

Love, be caring, have compassion and be filled with joy! These are your tools to exit the illusion. Simple, yes? Now, quit complicating things and use these simple tools, for anything that is outside of these, are simply non-existent, meaning either you, as an individual, have created such things like guilt or anger, or you have picked them up through the collective programming.

I tell you this, because we need those of you reading this, to be in as clear a mindset as possible when these triggers are pulled. There will be much to occur within this moment, so be clear with your thoughts and intentions. Only show love to others and keep it simple! Don’t fry your brain trying to resolve something or work a “problem” out. Just be in love, be in joy, and what was once a headache will be dust in the wind.

I AM Archangel Metatron, and I hope my words this evening have resonated within you, for as they do, the entire Collective benefits and receives. You are the beacons of hope that shine across the planet, use these simple tools and you will be blazing fires of light, all connected, weaving this love and joy across the Earth and throughout the collective.

Remember, keep it simple and walk with your heart filled with love, it’s what you are and who you came to be. My blessings and love be with all my Brothers and Sisters.

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