NOTE: After bringing through this message, I felt it is time to share my personal experience with Master Hilarion. I have created a separate post for that and I ask that you please read this message from Ka’Ree before reading of my own experience. Love and Light, Zane.

My personal experience –


Greetings dearest light tribe, I AM Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and I greet you from aboard the Aurora.

I Am here to deliver a message, to those of you that find or read this, to say the time is nigh we are to begin making further contact with you. Yes, there may has been some contact made already, through the sleep state, but what is to shortly commence is more of a personal contact where you will be more aware of what is occurring. It is as the energies increase and intensify, so does your vibration. It is through these vibrational shifts, that you grow closer and closer to us, and then somewhat of a merger can occur.


It is as I say these words now, that you will begin to activate memories within, when you have been connecting with you Star and Spirit families. What I say here about having more awareness, is to say that it will be in the forefront of your mind, where as the contact you have been having and I do say ‘having’ here, for it has been occurring for some time. But what I mean is, that you will begin to remember more vividly the times we have been meeting, as most of you have screen memories, these are memories that have overlaid the actual experience, for up until now it has been too much for you to comprehend, but that is not the case anymore. Those of you who are reading these words, are now more than prepared for these memories and experiences to surface. Do you feel a sense of excitement in the air? Many of you do, and it is as the vibrations increase, so does this feeling. This feeling is coming from your Higher Self and your team of Guides, as they are all growing in excitement too. It is a merging of these energies that will lead to the breakthrough many of you have been waiting for; The time where you have the true memories of these experiences during your sleep state. I say here memories, as the contact I speak of will not be so much physical to begin with. It will be during your nightly travels that these will take place, as your rational mind is out of the picture, or your lower ego is resting, as these experiences for some, may not be exactly what you are expecting. Yes, we may greet you aboard our ships or we may come down to see you, but for many of you, you will have the experience of coming into contact with great light Beings and vivid colours, for we do not need to appear in a body or form as you may expect.

So, what I ask you to do is, release any expectations, release any ideas you may have of how these experiences will unfold. It is only through what you can currently comprehend, that you create an expectation of how this may occur. And I tell you now, the experiences you will have are far greater than you can possibly imagine. The joy and bliss that will be created through these occurrences, is beyond current comprehension. As this one typing will tell you, he has had an experience of this, and he will say “It is something I cannot put into words” for that is the truth. Experiences that are coming to all of you, will be beyond words dear ones, they will be out of this world you might say! They will be far greater than what anyone can put into words and so, it is up to each individual, to experience this is their own unique way.


So, my instructions to you are; let go and let what will be, be! Let go of any idea of how you ‘expect’ these things to occur and instead just allow. Allow for the process to unfold in your own unique way and do not create impressions from what you may hear from other’s experiences. Yes, let them give you some idea of what it is like, but do not create an expectation of how your own experience will unfold. All of you will have the most beautiful and unique experience that is tailored just for you, yes they may be similar to others, but none will be the same.

These are the exciting things you all have coming to you now. I say coming to you, as they are all in the process, so don’t wait around thinking “well where is my experience” because they will happen at the perfect Divine Time for each of you. The best thing you can do is stay in the Now, be in the moment and continue to raise your vibration, continue to be in joy and then when you least expect it, these experiences will occur, for they are to be a surprise and one morning you will wake up, just as this one did, and think “oh wow, did that really happen? Wow that was so amazing I cannot even begin to describe it in words” and what We will say is yes, it certainly did happen!


So be in joy dear ones, be in the moment and let the bliss of the moment flow around and through you. You may have noticed, the truth is beginning to surface more and more, and it will continue to do so until all the truths are out there. So be in the moment dear ones, that is where your truth resides, that is where the truth of who you are and what you came to do resides. Be in the Now and do not ‘wait’ for these experiences, instead just allow and then you too, will have that day come where you will think “wow, that was the most beautiful experience I have ever had” and they will only continue from there.


I Am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and I have enjoyed sharing these words with you, I look forward or I should say, We look forward to sharing these experiences with you.

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