Greetings dear Earth Children, I Am Mary Magdalene and I Am here with my beloved Yeshua. This dear one has asked us to bring forth a collaborative message to take you into the festive season.

So what we first have to say to you all is, that it is not about whether Yeshua was born on this day or that day, it is about the vibration this time of year carries for the majority of you. Yes, there are those that are in despair and suffering, but know that it is through your love and compassion that will shine a light on those doing it hard. Yes, if you can it would be great of you to do a good deed for someone in need or to lend a helping hand here and there, but know that you do not need to give gifts to make people happy, although that is what society has been conditioned to believe.

You have been taught to buy buy buy at this time of year and what does that do? It keeps you focused in the material aspect of life on Earth, it keeps you in the consumer mindset. It’s time to change that dear hearts, as that is not part of where we are heading. And yes I say “we” as we are all part of this journey, we are all part of this shift, this evouloution of Self, of Gaia.

And so what we say to you during this festive time, is to shift the focus from material goods to sharing that which is within, which is always there and most importantly which doesn’t cost a thing! What is this we speak of? It is love, it is compassion and it is hope for a better world, a better place for all.

So we would like to share a little invocation for you to focus on during the holidays. On your altar or whatever space you have in your house or work place that you consider special or sacred, we ask that you place a candle there, now write on a piece of paper or on what ever you like, “I dedicate this candle and the light it provides to illuminating all darkness on and within the planet, I ask that the light from this candle may provide the light to those in need or suffering. I ask that if they so choose to accept the light, that their Being may be illuminated by it. May the light of this candle spread across the world. And so it is.” now place this piece of paper under or infront of your candle or how ever you would like to set it up on your altar . Now, as often as you can, read this either aloud or silently and then light the candle while holding the intention of what we have just said. With your pure intention and the collective intention, the difference this can make to anothers life is more than any material item could.

I would like to finish off by saying, if you do feel the need to gift your family or friends things, give them something with meaning and that is from a place of love. Game stations, dvds or any of those type of gifts hold little to no value, but a gift that is from the heart and that also has meaning to the giver holds more value than any of these things. Make someone a nice artwork or if you don’t find yourself to be too artistic gift them a beautiful picture or a crystal that holds love and light, something that is of value to the heart and not based in materialism or ego. Our Yeshua would like to finish this message off.

Greetings beloved Earth children, children of God. It is I Yeshua, I greet you today with open arms and love in my heart. I will be brief as Mary has said it all. But I would like to just conclude by saying, be in love, be in light and have compassion for those doing it tough. You do not help the situation by falling in to a state of fear or worry about those doing it hard, instead be in a state of love, acceptance and compassion for those and it will make more difference than worrying or fretting about those in need, that only adds to the turmoil they are already in. Love, compassion and acceptance dear ones, walk with that through your festive season, don’t focus on what is wrong with the world, focus on what is right and where you are headed, focus on the love within yourself and within all people, see all as glowing beacons of light and love. Your are all children of God, of the One, what ever you wish to call the Source of Creation, it matters not. The love and light is what matters. Be it, live it and love all. Just as we love you. We bid you farewell now, but know we are always here, just a whisper away. Peace be with you all.

PLEASE NOTE: All channelled messages remain the property of the author. The messages may be shared as long as they are not edited in any way and a link to the original post is shared with the message.

Thank you for understanding.

Love and Light 


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