Be Love, because that is what you are – Mother Sekhmet

Hello Light Bearers and Light Warriors, bringers of the New, shatterers of the old, I Am Mother Sehkmet and I Am honored to speak today. I would like to bring forth a message of clarity, as a lot of you are struggling to see what it is you are actually doing or what...

A CHRISTmas Message from Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

Greetings dear Earth Children, I Am Mary Magdalene and I Am here with my beloved Yeshua. This dear one has asked us to bring forth a collaborative message to take you into the festive season. So what we first have to say to you all is, that it is not about whether...
Be Love in all that you face.

Be Love in all that you face.

Thank you for finding your way here. If you have been guided to this Blog then you may share a similar purpose as myself and that is a search for truth, a deeper understanding of this game called life and a quest for wisdom as to who we are at the core of our...

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