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What People Say

“Zane Morgan is a young channel that has emerged in the circles of truthful message from the spiritual realm. I read his message with great attention. They are not only truthful, but well synchronized and in harmony with quality messages via other channels. His messages add the impression and truthfulness of the fact, that the messages all originate from one collective consciousness.”


Per Staffan – Sananda.website

“I received an amazing channeled reading from Zane! I was so excited to receive a transmission from Mary Magdalene that not only was very reassuring but inspired me to take some steps to align with my true essence. The message was powerful in every way, as I also receive energy healing as I was reading it. If you would like to receive a channeled message from a pure channel, I highly recommend Zane, he is the real deal.”

Lourdes Garcia – bluealchemy.com

What I Offer

Personal Activation Message

I AM happy to now offer Personal Activation Messages. These messages are channelled through me, from the various Guides and Beings I work with. These messages contain powerful Light Codes and Activations, specific to each individuals journey. 


In this section I will be offering some of my photos for print purchase. These are just normal images I have collected of the last year, they are not Enchanted Images. All pictures in this section will be available in the choice of 3 print sizes.


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